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EPIC 9 Inc. is the Manufacturer's Representative for Sprung High Performance Building Solutions for the Quebec, Atlantic Provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador region. Sprung structures are engineered to accelerate construction, lower project costs and reduce operating expenses. Sprung brings over 100 years of building experience with 12,000 structures built in over 100 countries worldwide. EPIC 9 Inc's project management team will help you determine the right building for your needs, and our expert construction crew is committed to building a facility that all parties can be proud of.



Source: Sprung Performance Buildings

Are you looking for salt and sand storage, vehicle maintenance facilities, fire stations, on-site warehousing, or equipment storage? EPIC 9 Inc. has a solution for you. For more information please view our Services page.

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Source: Sprung Performance Buildings

From greenhouses to large scale mining operations, Sprung engineered buildings are safe, secure, and designed for extreme conditions.  Also, when your operation is done, you can deconstruct the building and take it with you. Yes, Sprung buildings are designed to be relocated and reused, saving you time and money. Learn More.

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Yes, we build hockey arenas! But we also build swimming pool enclosures, gymnasiums, field houses and indoor golf ranges.  Our custom design build can be tailored to your specific needs and budget for a fraction of the cost of conventional build methods. To learn more, contact us.