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EPIC 9 Inc. is firmly committed to the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line.  We feel it is our duty to invest in our employees and community, to be mindful of the impacts our actions have on the environment, and to be profitable so that we can continue to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace.


We take pride in the level of service we provide our clients, and that great service would not be possible if not for the amazing team we have. We have a tremendous amount of respect for our construction professionals and tradespeople, especially when they are working hard to meet deadlines in frigid conditions, at job sites far from their families! And for that, we feel it is our duty to support and invest in our employees by providing a comprehensive benefits package, free training, a structured career enhancement program, and a flexible work schedule to promote work-life balance. Oh yeah, and we provide travel expenses, meals, per diems, and lodging while at a job site. Why do we do this? Because family is important to us, and we feel our staff should be compensated when away from theirs.


Construction, by its very nature, can be harmful to the planet. Steel, wood and concrete, the cornerstones of conventional construction, have definite impacts on the environment. EPIC 9 Inc. is proud to partner with Sprung buildings because they are committed to reducing the environmental impact of construction. All buildings are engineered at the Sprung facility and shipped to the job site. This drastically reduces the amount of fabrication and construction waste generated on site. In fact, the amount of waste material from a typical build could fit in a couple garbage bags! Also, the building materials used by Sprung are an improvement over conventional buildings, aluminum instead of steel and engineered membrane instead of wood and concrete. Sprung buildings are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifiable.


EPIC 9 Inc. is a Canadian company based in Atlantic Canada. We take our commitments to our people and planet seriously, but we are very proud of the fact that we are creating jobs in the Maritimes and Quebec. We are committed to sustainable, profitable growth while continuing to provide cost effective building solutions.    

Without question, the two most common questions we get are “what do you do?” and “what does Epic 9 mean?”. Well, the first question is easy to answer. We are the manufacturer’s representative for Sprung Building Solutions for Quebec and Atlantic Canada. We provide project management and specialized construction services in a holistic approach to determine the best solution for your needs. So, what does Epic 9 mean? Sorry, that is a trade secret and you’ll have to contact us to find out.

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