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Hockey Arenas and recreation facilities

Specialty Construction Services

"It is with the initiative of private companies like Sprung Instant Structures in the construction of new arenas across Canada that more Canadian children will be able to enjoy playing the game of hockey..."

Bob Nicholson,

President and CEO

Hockey Canada

Resource Sector

Storage Facilities

We are not going to lie, building hockey arenas is pretty cool! But we are equally proud of the storage and manufacturing facilities that we have built. They may not be as exciting, but they are essential is helping our clients carryout their day to day operations.

Sprung buildings can be customized to suit your needs, and Epic 9 Inc. can help determine which accessories best fulfill those needs. These accessories may include:

  • Personnel doors,
  • Cargo doors,
  • Rolling service doors,
  • Aircraft hangar doors,
  • Vestibules and corridors,
  • Windows.
  • Glazing walls, and
  • Graphics.

Specialty Construction

Epic 9 Inc. holds a strategic partnership agreement with Sprung Building Solutions. This means we can consult on, sell, and construct any building in the Sprung catalog, or design build a custom solution to meet our client's specific needs. From salt domes to state of the art recreation facilities, Epic 9 Inc. has a cost-effective solution for your building needs.


In addition to Specialty Construction, Epic 9 Inc. also provides a procurement service that leverages our vast network of contacts to fulfill your purchase order needs. From toasters to concrete, we can help you find an economical solution to your procurement needs.

We love hockey! ​​We love hockey despite standing in frigid arenas for an 8 am ice time while sipping on terrible coffee. Why? Because that is what builds a strong community. That is what makes us proud to be Canadian!

The reality is that fewer communities can afford to build or maintain community arenas, but Epic 9 Inc. can help with this. Sprung Performance Arenas offer a cost-effective alternative to steel and wood built structures. In fact, past builds have shown that Sprung Arenas cost 60% less to build and maintain. Other benefits include:

  • Aluminum substructure that is rustproof, lightweight, strong, versatile, easy to ship, long lasting and more environmentally friendly than steel.
  • Patented architectural membrane that is self-cleaning, fire resistant, available in multiple colours, and virtually maintenance free.
  • Superior climate control because of their air tight exterior architectural membrane, thicker insulation (R-25 to R-30 Johns Manville formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation), and seamless transition between wall and roof.
  • An environmentally friendly design that greatly reduces construction waste, LEED certifiable, and designed to be disassembled, reconfigured, expanded, or relocated.
  • Sprung Shield provides a virtually non-penetrable defence wall against vandalism attempts.


Epic 9 Inc. can build any Sprung building in any location in Atlantic Canada and Quebec, in any weather condition! We prefer Halifax in the summer, but if you need us in Val-d'Or in February... we will be there with a double-double in hand ready to go to work.

Sprung's relocatable, modular design is perfect for the forestry, mining, oil & gas, and agricultural industries. They are engineered and proven to perform in the most extreme weather conditions.